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  • Quantifying ACL recovery results and implications for returning to sport

    The fourth-year biomedical engineering undergraduate student has conducted research to better understand the biomechanics of returning to sport after an ACL injury, including better ways to measure landing mechanics to improve clinical recommendations for injured athletes.

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  • Exercise recommendations for people with chronic pain

    Exercise, which can take the form of simple physical activity such as walking, is good for people with joint pain. Joints were made to move and if we don't move them they'll get stiff, creaky, even more painful and our muscles, which are extremely important for protecting our joints against harmful movements, will weaken—exposing them to even greater harm.

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  • Physical activity reduces cardiovascular risk in rheumatic patients

    The risk of developing atherosclerosis—a narrowing of the arteries as cholesterol plaque builds up, leading to obstruction of blood flow—is higher for people with autoimmune rheumatic diseases than for the general population. The good news, according to a new study published in Rheumatology, is that regular exercise is a powerful weapon against vascular dysfunction in these patients.

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