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  • Natural remedies for tendinitis inflammation

    Tendinitis can take time to heal. Natural remedies for the inflammation include rest, ice, compression, physical therapy, and complementary treatments, such as acupuncture.

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  • Treadmill vs. elliptical trainer for osteoarthritis in knees

    An elliptical trainer puts less strain on the joints. However, people with osteoarthritis (OA) in their knees can still reap the benefits of exercising on a treadmill by taking some precautions.

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  • What are hamstring rehab exercises?

    Hamstring rehabilitation exercises can aid recovery and help prevent future injuries. Rehabilitation protocols typically call for a combination of stretching and strengthening movements.

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  • Nonsurgical treatments expand knee OA care options

    When patients present in the early stages of knee OA, physicians are better able to address the disease with inexpensive, nonoperative treatments. The top-line nonoperative treatments supported by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American College of Rheumatology and the Osteoarthritis Research Society International include behavioral interventions, such as weight loss, physical activity and self-management education.

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  • Exercise and mental health during COVID-19: Study explores link, trends

    A new study found that the anxiety and stress that have accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic have made it less likely that people will engage in physical activity that could help them maintain their mental health. The results showed that those who have remained physically active during the pandemic have done so primarily to maintain their mental health. For others, mental health problems have become a barrier to exercise.

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